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Big Match Weekly Ended with victorySBOBET "Chicken Golden Spike" Tottenham Hotspur Liverpool 4-1, and here are five key points in the Wembley Stadium.

1) The swan game is bad.
Liverpool lost 4 goals in this game. I do not miss out. And the ball is not good. The Spurs are sharp. But the Swans helped the job. Easier than ever.
Statistics revealed. Liverpool have lost 9 games to 16 now, the last time the Swans have gone 9 games and lost a lot. Back in 1964 or 53 years ago.
Quarterback played poor Gaff is not good enough. SBOBETThis is a clear summary of the Swans in this appointment.

2) The day Dean Lorenn did not want to remember
. Dean Lorenn was replaced from the first half 31 minutes, which was to blame. Can not If you look at this form. Not counting the two children who lost him, he also hit the wrong guy - Min ran after nearly hit another shot.
Finally, Klopp must change quickly to solve the game immediately. I did not go to the goal because Joe Gomez to stand back. And use the mat is a right back. Which is The team did not play tough. SBOBET

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