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CullenCullenRegistrován: pon pro 25, 2017 3:30 amPříspěvky: 194
Whilst Philippe Coutinho's arrival at Barcelona has been the story of the January transfer window to this point, there continues to be speculation which links Neymar to Real Madrid, however, for Paris Saint-Germain, sbobet mobile retaining the Brazilian is a matter of pride.Despite the apparent interest from Los Blancos, those within the Parisian club remain unperturbed and nobody within the club considers an exit plausible at this moment.After arriving at the Parc des Princes for a world record 222 million euros in the summer, the deal mattered in more than just a sporting sense.It took the French club to the very pinnacle of the world game.
They shook the market and secured the player many believe will be the first to break the Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi duopoly of the Ballon d'Or.Furthermore, the transfer showed the French capital to be a vibrant hub of sporting excellence once more, the go-to place as it were. sbobet mobileThis was a much needed boost after a cheaply assembled Monaco team took the Ligue 1 title in the 2016/17.All of a sudden it was PSG talked about as the brightest destination in world football, not Manchester, not Madrid and not Barcelona.The arrival of Kylian Mbappe a month later did little to dissuade people from such a line of thinking. Now, after such a display of power it's unthinkable that the French club will immediately acquiesce and agree to a deal with Los Blancos for arguably the most marketable player in the world. sbobet mobile

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CullenCullenRegistrován: pát led 12, 2018 1:07 pmPříspěvky: 276
It is still a big football news that Chelsea has not been renewed contract of eloquence. Antonio Conte, manager of Chelsea. There is no sign of penning.

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