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Soul Worker DZ Edit: I tried Black Desert too and it amazing. Combat is incredible. I just am looking for that C9 instanced based feel with damage numbers. Working on any piece of art takes patience and perseverance. And one may revisit it several times before one is happy with the final result. The end result might be obvious in our mind and vision but matching the current reality with the end may seem a long way away.

Jeff Hoogland is a professional TCG player with a string of major tournaments under his belt. His Yotul Burn deck composition revolving around the blood and ruby shards focuses on the element of speed to put the opponent under pressure from the start. Action cards which deal direct damage such as "Crackling Bolt" force the opponent to act quickly keeping them on their toes. Basically the grinding experience in this game is as bad as Allods Online without any quest that could help us out to increase our experience. Plus there are lots of hackers around Soul Worker DZ for sale and everywhere in the game but that isn't the worst since reaching the level cap is practically impossible. As for Silkroad has a hard and slow grinding experience curve which means that getting into the last game level would take a long time.

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