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Magnifying glaas simple classification mainly separated into flat glass in addition to special glass. The flat glass is divided into three kinds: that is definitely, the plate glass (with slot/groove), the flat-drawing method as well as the float glass. Float glass has become the mainstream of glass manufacturing due to its uniform thickness, sleek and parallel surface, along with high labor productivity along with favorable management factors. and special glass is several varieties, under the decoration in the common variety of one by one description. Laminated glass for sale

Some other Glass said, only the author in the classification on the flat glass, not the official classification in the industry. Mainly: Tempered tumbler. It is a form of prestressed glass which will be processed by ordinary chiseled glass. Tempered glass comparable to ordinary flat cup, with two characteristics: The former strength is the latter variety of times, the tensile resistance is over 3 times times the latter, the impact is over 5 times times the actual latter. Glass Railings

Tempered glass is not really easy to break, even if broken will be without sharp-angle granular kind of fragmentation, damage to the human body greatly reduced. Glass。 It is also made from the ordinary flat glass along with the sanding process. The thickness of more than 9 pct, with A FEW, 6 thickness. Glass Railings

Sandblasting Cup. The performance is basically like glass, the different mincing sand for sandblasting. Since the two are visually comparable, many owners and sometimes decoration professionals confuse them. Embossing Glass. It is an flat glass made with calendering. Glass Railings

The biggest characteristic is light opaque, make use of the washroom to decorate place more. Rings. Is the application of calendering method, the wire or metal mesh embedded inside glass plate made of the impact-resistant flat glass, should the impact will only type a radiation-like cracks while in the fall and not harmed people. Therefore, it is required in high-rise buildings as well as vibration-strong factories. Glass Railings.

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