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PHILIPPE COUTINHO told fellow Brazilian Alisson Becker to join Liverpool in the summer. Allison joined Liverpool in a world-record £65 million transfer this summer, replacing Loris Karius as the club’s No 1. His move was sbobet24 funded in part by Coutinho’s January departure, as the forward sealed his dream £142 million move to Barcelona. Now, Alisson has revealed it was the outgoing forward who actually convinced him to move to Merseyside, swapping Roma for Liverpool in what was at the time the most expensive transfer for sbobet24 a goalkeeper ever.
“He spoke highly of Jurgen [Klopp] and about the players,” Alisson explained. "He said there is no vanity in the squad but it’s a very ambitious squad with a strong desire to win.
"Coutinho also said he was very happy here with his family, which is really important.
"Our wives spoke to each other too and they said sbobet24 they had a great time living here, and we are very happy."
Alisson has enjoyed a near-perfect start to his Liverpool career so far. He has started in all of Liverpool’s league fixtures this season, as the Reds sit top of the Premier League table with six wins from six matches.

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