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The stats that prove Chelsea’s Eden Hazard is nowhere near being world-class


บอล ออนไลน์ Another summer transfer window is already upon us, and with that comes the usual speculation. David de Gea is one name that always pops up, but Eden Hazard is more-than-perpetually name-checked too, usually with a move to Real Madrid. The common consensus is that he is one of the truly elite players; one of few that could make the 12-time European Cup winners better.

While he is undoubtedly a talented individual – anyone who has ever seen him live will know how mesmeric he can be with a football – the numbers he produces on a regular basis simply do not match up to the reputation he possesses. บอล ออนไลน์

Hazard’s dribbling is almost second to none; his balance, technique and acceleration are sublime. The attacker’s speed over short distances can be devastating, and at times he can make really top players look silly as he glides past them with a quick swivel of his hips and an instant change of direction.

He is a player that is even better to watch in the flesh than via a television, but with only one goal against rest of the top six this season in the Premier League – a penalty against Arsenal in December – Hazard does not get the number of goals and assists that his talent suggests he should be capable of.

Where Hazard has only one goal in the games that matter most in the race for the title or the top four, by contrast, Mo Salah has scored seven against the top six plus one against Liverpool’s local rivals Everton. Harry Kane plays a slightly different position and is therefore expected to score more than Hazard, but he notched four against the other top sides last season.

Hazard did, of course, score a winning penalty in the FA Cup final, but he was largely isolated in the second half of that game as Manchester United unsuccessfully pressed for an equaliser.

At international level, despite captaining his country, Hazard is yet to take any competition by storm in a team whose talented squad should be capable of doing more. Among a glittering array of gifted stars, he has never done it on the world stage.

That could, of course, change this summer, but Belgium’s talisman is more likely to be Kevin De Bruyne, who comes off the back of a sensational season for champions Manchester City, if Roberto Martinez’s team are to make a real splash for the first time.

At 27, Hazard does not represent the player he really should have become. When he arrived at Stamford Bridge from Lille in the summer of 2012, the feeling was that he would become a player close to Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. บอล ออนไลน์

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